Our team has been providing newspapers in digital and compressed format to a lot shipping and fleet management companies worldwide. As of now, we are dealing with dry cargo shipping companies, oil tanker companies, offshore companies, cruise companies etc.

We understand the need and problem faced by seafarers when it comes to keeping themselves upto date with the world while sailing in the nomans place. We also understand the limited internet connectivity options in the middle of the ocean. That's why, we have been tying up with the management companies and individuals to provide need specific content in a compressed format, as required.

We provide all the newspapers in PDF format, in any global language. We also provide whatsapp based news summary service, where summarise every article in the newspaper.

Readerspace isn't limited to newspapers. We also provide magazines, genre-specific news like cars, sports, film, entertainment, jobs etc.

We understand that you have an enthusiatic crew and we are very interested to explore the possibilities of helping the crew enagaged.

My name is Gautam and I am the founder of Readerspace. I want to have an initial dialogue with you to see how we can help you.

We have been working with companies like Ishima, etc on the following models Fixed Price per newspaper brand - if you select a newspaper for a month then we will send a PDF on a daily basis that can be distributed among any number of crew member.

Note: file compression is done as per the need.

Happy to jump on a call with you and walk you through our capabilities or even walk you through the features of readerspace if you have an interest.

Best regards,

Gautam Kumar

Founder - Readerspace

+91 9724460409

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